Thoughts about the portuguese tradicional cuisine you tasted in our restaurant. Reviews and features on the Floresta de Belém's restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.

Une cuisine bonne et très peu chère.

Un excellent petit restaurant. Une cuisine bonne et très peu chère.

Arnold Lavier Google

Great food! I had the octopus and loved it.

Great food! I had the octopus and loved it. The other three people I was with also raved about their meals as well.

Jamie Rickard Google

First class service and food really good

"Fantastic restaurant at the foot of the garden of Belem, where you can eat quickly, well and cheap. The restaurant is the first of the square and despite not having the apparatus of other competitors, has a covered terrace, a first class service and food really good. I love the turkey steaks, served with fries, rice and fried egg, which have three or four minutes after ordering and always in well cooked. The service is very fast and are very friendly. The funny thing is usually good service, good location and good food is always associated with a high price ... but this is not the case! I strongly recommend, if you go to Belem!"

Cheap and Good in Lisbon

"Belem is a few miles west of Lisbon and is a popular destination with major tourist attractions. We came across this reasonably-priced place for lunch, located at Praca Afonso de Albuquerque, 1-A/B. There is no street frontage – it is behind another restaurant. It has a large pleasant outdoor space and an indoor room also. We were served a terrific local cheese from Malvena da Sena which we were assured could be had nowhere else. The grilled sardines were excellent but the fried small mackerel was bland. Kale with rice was also very good. A good place to go in an area of touristy overpriced restaurants. "